Histopathology Services | Path Review

Source BioScience has fully equipped histology laboratories to provide a range of histology services to support clinical and R&D studies. We apply rigorous quality control procedures and comply with national and international guidelines. Our laboratory is CPA and GCP accredited and participates in NEQAS Schemes.

We can accept a range of samples including frozen or wet specimens, paraffin blocks or pre-prepared slides. All samples are accurately logged and tracked by trained professionals, ensuring integrity of the process.

Our services include:

  • Provision of formalin fixative pots to clinical sites/labs to fix tissue biopsies/samples
  • Processing of tissue to block including orientation of tissue to meet study requirements
  • Sectioning including specialist cutting of delicate tissues such as brain and heart
  • Standard H&E
  • Specialist stains to look at tissue structure in detail
  • Semi-quantitative IHC and FISH including assay development and validation
  • Diagnostic tests to aid pathology diagnosis including HER2, EGFR, ER/PR, KRAS, BRAF (for further information please see mutation analysis and biomarker analysis)
  • By-eye image analysis and telepathology allowing images to be viewed over a secure web browser
  • Expert pathology review supported by a team of 65 pathologists

Blocks/samples can be stored for clinical trials and research studies if required. Please note that DNA and RNA from archived FFPE blocks is also offered.