Mammalian Clone Products

A range of over 20 million pre-made clones including cDNA, Expression-Ready ORF, RNAi and Genomic libraries for Human, Mouse, C.elegans, Zebrafish, Xenopus, Fugu and many others

Advantages of buying from us:

  • Option of individual pre-made clones, whole clone libraries or customised libraries
  • Sequence verification available
  • Plasmid preparation service
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy to order using GenomeCUBE, our intuitive search engine
  • Custom project design available via our in-house expertise


cDNA clones

EST and full ORF collections for various species like IMAGE, MGC, ORFeome, FANTOM, RIKEN HoneybeeView >

ORF clones

ORFeome collection clones, Omics Link ORF Expression clonesView >

RNAi clones

miRNA solutions, shRNA clonesView >

Genomic library

BAC clones, Cpg Island, WGA, microarray expression clonesView >