ORFeome clone IDs help

Ordering clone(s)

All clones in the 'ORFeome collaboration project' are described in the format - the clones have a 9-digit number.

Examples of clone IDs:

  • 100000328
  • 100000219
  • 100000556

Please note that if the ORFeome CloneID is not apparent and if there is no mention of the ORFeome collaboration in the database entry then it is NOT an ORFeome clone and Source BioScience does NOT have the clone.


Clone Information (step-by-step)

The following instructions will enable you to obtain detailed information relating to your clone of interest. To demonstrate this, we have used an example ID (100001328).

  1. Visit the ORFeome website
  2. Under the title "RESOURCES" select 'ORFeome query (OQ)'
  3. Click "Submit" ("clone" is already highlighted)
  4. Paste "100000328" in the "clone ID" box; Click "submit"
  5. Click "View results in plain text"
  6. Click "check all" button
  7. Click "submit"


If you still require further assistance or have any questions, please contact us