FANTOM™ 3 purified plasmid DNA

We are pleased to announce our sequencing grade plasmid mini-preparation service for FANTOM™ 3  based products. Our team of dedicated scientists are able to prepare high or low-throughput projects efficiently; providing high quality DNA for use in many downstream applications.

Our purified plasmid includes:

  • Sequence verified plasmid mini-prep + bacterial clone
  • 260/280 plasmid purity ratio
  • Concentration and total yield data
  • Single tube and/or 96 well plate formats
  • High quality plasmid DNA for use in PCR amplification, DNA sequencing, transformation and downstream enzyme reactions

Typical performance:

  • Turn around times to run concurrently within our sequence verified clones distribution - Please note that resources are imported; therefore you should receive the plasmids approximately two weeks upon receipt of the order
  • Typically 3-5 μg plasmid DNA - dependent on plasmid copy number
  • 260 vs. 280 nm ratio between 1.7 and 1.9


If you require further information, please contact us