FANTOM™ library

In the Laboratory of Dr. Hayashizaki at RIKEN Genome Science a large-scale project was undertaken, with the goal to clone and sequence full-length cDNA clones for all genes expressed from various mouse tissues. The project was entitled the Functional Annotation Of the Mouse (FANTOM). Over the coming years, the FANTOM™ project expanded from the initial 21,000 FANTOM™ 1 clones, to 60,000 clones by 2002 (FANTOM™ 2). Finally, in September 2005, RIKEN published their most up to date version of 102,000 full-length sequenced mouse cDNA clones, as the FANTOM™ 3 Project. Source BioScience offer all 102,000 clones.

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Source BioScience offers the complete clone set of 310 bar-coded 384-well microtitre plates or individual clones, for research purposes only. We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection.

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