Mouse Kinase DNABook™

Mouse Kinase DNABook™


The Mouse Kinase DNABook™ contains nearly 900 cDNAs, encoding Protein Kinases and Kinase related proteins. This unique resource will enhance your biochemical and molecular studies on the most important regulatory processes in the cell.


Mouse kinase KDNABook_diagram



With the release of the RIKEN FANTOM 3 Clone Set, the research community acquired access to unique resources for studies in mouse and beyond. This clone set is the most comprehensive clone collection of any higher organism up to date, covering entire gene families and groups of genes related to certain biological processes. To make it easier to obtain re-arrayed clone sets, belonging to a classical gene family or biological process, Source BioScience LifeSciences has started to provide clone sets derived from the RIKEN FANTOM 3 Clone Collection, in the form of comprehensive and concise "DNABooks™".


As the second product of this series, the Kinase DNABook 898 Protein Kinase and kinase related genes. The Kinase DNABook can be obtained as an entire set of clones or in the form of 19 individual pages, each containing 48 different cDNAs. The content of the individual pages may be viewed within the XL database.