Human TilePath BAC clone - search page

Initially access the Ensembl "Homo sapiens" genome section

In the top box, input your identifier (gene, Location, transcript or Karyotype), select the link to the location or the one for the "region in details" You should now be on the region in detail page (You will get there directly if you put in a map location) You will need, on the left to click on "configure this page"



  • Click on 'Configure this page'
  • Then select 'Sequence and Assembly', then 'Clones & misc. regions'.
  • Turn on the RPCI-11 and Tilepath map to have access to the Source BioScience LifeSciences products in the region. 
  • Click on the tick in the top right corner to accept the changes to the configuration.
  • The page will then reload and you will be able to see the traces for the clones that match the configuration.
  • To find more information about each clone click on the respective line. 
  • To view the end sequences of BAC clones click on the small arrow which lines up with the end of the BAC trace line you are interested in.  This will then give you a link to the end sequence.  There will be an arrow at both ends.


Alternatively, you can use the NCBI Clone DB (  This is a  very good site for finding out  any available detailed clone information (associated sequences, related clones etc).  Search using the clne ID (e.g. RP11-37E23).



If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us