Mouse MICER - search help page

Mouse MICER - search help page


Initially, access the Ensembl "Mus musculus" genome section


In the top box, input your identifier (gene, Location, transcript or Karyotype)
Select the link to the location or the one for the "region in details"

You should now be on the region in detail page (You will get there directly if you put in a map location)

You will need to click on "configure this page" on the left

mouse micer search 1


Open the external data page and turn on the Micer and the BAC map to have access to the Source BioScience LifeSciences products in the region. Similarly, by opening "Other alignments", you will be able to select M37-129AB22 to access the bMQ library information. You then just need to left click on a clone to have more information.

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