Expression Clones

Source BioScience ready-to-use expression clones can be used directly for functional studies, assays and protein analysis. The expression clones contain the complete coding sequence or parts of the coding sequence for expression in several organisms. Different types of expression vectors can be selected carrying various tags with or without stop codon.

Clone Type Species Sequence Status Contains Complete Coding Sequencing Amino Acide Changes Documented Expression Verified Comment Reliability of Sequence Date
ORF Expression Clones Human, Mouse, Yeast fully sequenced Yes Yes Some flexible Gateway® System Good
OmicsLink ORF Expression Clones (GeneCopoeia™) Human sequence-verified Yes No Yes (in E.coli)   Fair
Partial ORF Expression Clones Human sequence-verified No No Some   Poor


Sequence status

Fully sequenced - full sequence is available

Sequence verified - partially sequenced from 3' or 5' or both ends

Contains complete coding sequence

Yes -verification of the complete coding sequence based on the sequence data of the complete insert

No - insert contains only a part of the coding sequence

Expression verified

All expression clones in pReceiver-B01 have been tested for expression in E.coli. Other expression clones with different features and for different host cell systems have not been tested for protein expression

Reliability of sequence data

Good - up to 0.0001% failure rate in sequence data

Fair - up to 2% failure rate in sequence data

Poor - up to 20% failure rate in sequence data


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