How to Order GeneCopoeia Products

Clone collections

OmicsLink™ expression-ready  ORF  cDNA clones (catalogue codes starting EX)

Search for and order your clone using GenomeCUBE® Use either gene name or GeneCopoeia product ID (e.g. H0757).  If you have any problems finding the OmicsLink™ clone that you require please contact us

Other GeneCopoeia clones:

The following GeneCopoeia clone types are available from Source BioScience:

  • OmicsLink™ shRNA clones (codes starting MSH or HSH)
  • GLuc-ON™ promoter reporter clones (codes starting HPRM)
  • miTarget™ microRNA 3' UTR target clones (codes starting HmiT/MmiT/CniT)
  • miExpress™ precursor microRNA expression clones (codes starting HmiR/MmiR/RmiR/CmiR)
  • miArrest™ microRNA inhibitors (codes starting HmiR/MmiR/RmiR/CmiR)
  • Lentiviral particles (codes starting LP)
  • ORFEXPRESS™ clones (codes starting GC)

We are in the process of adding these clones to the GenomeCUBE®. For more information, please go to the GeneCopoeia website, and contact us by e-mailing for pricing and information on how to order.

Packaging kits, reagents and cells

New  miProfile™ miRNA qPCR arrays

For high-throughput profiling of miRNA expression

For more information click here, or contact us by e-mailing for pricing and information on how to order.

The kits, reagents and competent cells listed below can be ordered on-line or by purchase order by e-mailing

qPCR kits and primers

Luciferase assays

Transcription factor assays



Other kits and reagents