Full ORF expression clones

Ready to Express

Our full ORF (Open Reading Frame) expression clones contain the complete coding sequences for genes of interest - exactly in frame, from start- to stopcodon. Due to the flexible Gateway® cloning system, we offer ready-to-use Expression Clones for E. coli, yeast, the baculo system and mammalian cells. Various fusion tags such as His6, GST or V5 are available.

All inserts are fully sequence-verified. We guarantee for the absence of frame shifts or stopcodons in frame.

You can generate your own Full ORF Expression Clone, using the flexible Full ORF Shuttle Clone with Gateway® entry vector.

ORF Expression Clones 2

How to find full ORF clones

You can search by:

  • Keywords or general IDs (like accession number, clone ID,...) using GenomeCUBE
  • Sequence similarity (Blast)
  • Download pathway list or the complete clone set information, including systematic annotation.

We are continuously expanding our Full ORF Clone Collection. If a clone for your gene of interest is not available, please contact us


Full ORF expression clones are the source for in depth gene analysis. Fields of application are:

  • Recombinant protein expression in various systems
  • Protein expression using fusion tags (N- and/or C-terminal)
  • Functional assays
  • Protein characterization
  • Protein localization studies
  • In vitro transcription

To express your gene of interest, simply

  • Select the Full ORF Expression Clone with the desired vector and tag for this gene.
  • Introduce this clone into the appropriate host (e.g. bacteria, yeast, baculovirus, mammalian cell) and express your favourite protein.

Many ORFs are available with or without stopcodon - annotated in your search hit. The availability of both formats provides the freedom of choice to produce native proteins or C-terminal fusion constructs.