Human shRNAi library

To complement our expanding portfolio of resources, a short-hairpin RNA (shRNA) library has been constructed by the ′The Netherlands Cancer Institute′ (NKI). This library has been tailored specifically for applications in mammalian cancer genetics.

This library has substantial advantages over many similar resources including full sequence verification and knockdown validation.


The shRNA constructs have been designed and cloned into a retroviral vector and can easily be utilised for gene silencing experiments. Multiple shRNA expression vectors represent many of the genes, each with at least one shRNA construct covering a unique region of the target gene. Researchers can study the function of specific genes and also search the human genome for novel therapeutic targets for many diseases.

To search for knockdown shRNA candidates for your gene of interest, please use our GenomeCUBE® search engine below


This library is based on the production of a shRNA expressed from a vector harbouring the RNA polymerase III-driven promoter for H1 RNA, the RNA component of human RNase P. The shRNA consist of a target transcript-specific 19-base double stranded stem, connected by a 9-base loop sequence.

  • Library consists of 13,500 clones
  • Targets ~5000 cancer related genes
  • Controlled quantities of silencing reagent delivered to the cell
  • Up to 3 19-mer target sequence constructs per gene
  • Backbone plasmid allows for the shRNA cassettes to be packaged in retroviruses
  • Each 19-mer sequence is a unique barcode which can expedite screening in high-throughput experiments


Each clone has the following:

  • pRSC vector contains an H1 promoter
  • Unique hairpin-loop knockdown cassette
  • Two bacterial resistance markers (chloramphenicol & ampicillin)
  • Puromycin-selectable marker for mammalian cells
  • H1 promoter + shRNA insert can be shuttled between different vectors using EcoRI & XhoI sites
  • Up to 3 19-mer target sequence constructs per gene
  • Glycerols are ready for distribution in single clone and library formats

We offer the complete clone set of 36 384-well microtitre plate or individual clones, for research purposes only. We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What do do with your clones when you receive them.