RNA Interference

RNA Interference


RNAi - Gene Function Revealed by RNA Interference

RNA interference (RNAi) has become the tool of choice for studying gene function by sequence-specific gene silencing in the presence of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) in the cell.


Source BioScience and Sigma-Aldrich have formed a cooperation to provide leading RNAi tools for gene silencing including siRNA and shRNA resources.


MISSION®shRNA tools were developed within the efforts of The RNAi Consortium (TRC) to generate genome-scale libraries based on a vector that allows transfection and transduction of a broad range of target cells.


Pre-designed MISSION®siRNAs were established in an exclusive partnership with Rosetta Inpharmatics, using a proprietary and highly innovative design algorithm ensuring a most effective and specific knockdown of the targeted gene.


Available Products







short/long term gene silencing

lentiviral particle

long term gene silencing for cells which are difficult to transfect


RNA duplex molecule

short term gene silencing



Gene Silencing by RNAi -  The Basics