Genomic chicken BAC clones

This chicken BAC library was constructed by Richard Crooijmans from Martien Groenen's group at the Wageningen Agricultural University, Department of Animal Sciences, Animal Breeding and Genetics Group, The Netherlands in collaboration with the Texas A&M BAC Centre of the Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA . Work on this resource is co-ordinated by Richard Crooijmans ( and by ordering this library you are agreeing to your name being passed on to him.

Female White Leghorn Chicken blood genomic DNA was cloned into the pECBAC1 vector. This vector is a modification of pBeloBAC11 ( map, sequence) containing a unique EcoR1 site, the EcoR1 site within the vector having been removed leaving only one EcoR1 site within the lacZ gene (Frijters et al Theor. Appl. Genet. [1997] 94:390-399). The average insert size is 130 kb. The library consists of approx. 50,000 clones providing a 5.4-fold genomic coverage.

The library is available from Source BioScience as high density gridded filters for screening by hybridisation. The set consists of 3 double spotted 22.2 x 22.2 cm filters.

Interpretation of hybridisation results

Chicken BAC clones in E.coli

DNA isolation from P1 Artificial Chromosomes clones


( Crooijmans, RP et al Mamm.Genome [2000] 11:360-363).