UK Chicken consortium EST clones

This project to produce a large collection of EST clones from the chicken was funded by the BBSRC and was directed by colleagues at the Universities of Nottingham, Dundee and UMIST. Sequencing was by Incyte Genomics Inc. All tissues were taken from the White Leghorn (Layer) breed (Gallus domesticus). The Adult Cerebrum, Adult Cerebellum and Adult Brain Other Parts tissues were from the White Leghorn IAH strain of RPL Line 15I.

All embryonic tissues were from the White Leghorn 'Hisex' breed. The remaining adult tissues (except muscle, chondrocyte, ovary, pancreas and adipose) originate from White Leghorn Line 15 hens.

Note: IAH = Institute of Animal Health, RPL = Regional Poultry Laboratory, East Lansing, Michigan. For more information please see the Chicken EST Repository Homepage (

21 tissues have been sequenced, with each tissue having multiple cDNA libraries produced from different normalisation stringencies. The majority of the clones are in pBluescript II KS+ (Stratagene) in DH10B or DH10B-T1 resistant bacteria. EST sequences have been produced from the 5' end of each clone.

Clones are currently supplied individually, with no limits on the numbers that may be ordered.  Clones can also be supplied in our sequence verifed and purified plasmid formats.  For supply of clones in other formats (e.g. whole plates) please contact us.

To search for Chicken EST clones on our search and order facility GenomeCUBE® please use their ChEST ID number (e.g. ChEST174m17 or 603157571F1).

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