Drosophila TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG)

The Drosophila TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG) is available exclusively from Source BioScience.

Developed by Dr Mihail Sarov in the TransgeneOmics Unit, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the Drosophila TransgenOme Collection is the latest tool for the exploration of protein function in Drosophila melanogaster.

The tagged fosmid constructs can be easily used to generate transgenic fly lines expressing tagged proteins under native control, enabling various in vivo applications to investigate expression patterns, protein localisation and physical protein interactions.

Product Range 

  • Genome-scale collection of ~10000 validated clones covering ~9600 genes (73% of the Drosophila proteome)
  • Comprehensive genome-wide library of C-terminally tagged proteins within genomic fosmid constructs
  • Tagging cassette comprises affinity tags, protease sites and GFP suitable for protein localisation and complex purification studies
  • pFlyFos vector additionally comprises an inducible origin of replication (oriV) to allow a high copy number only for isolation of the fosmid DNA
  • Option to insert the fosmid constructs at a defined position into the fly genome as third copy reporter allele to generate transgenic animals* 
  • Fosmid reporters can in principle recapitulate all aspects of gene expression regulation at transcriptional  and post-transcriptional levels
  • Functional reagents that are able to substitute endogenous protein function 
  • Web application available, providing full access to all construct-related information


  • Generation of transgenic fly lines expressing tagged proteins for large-scale examination of proteins in D. melanogaster
  • Systematic protein visualisation at all developmental stages of D. melanogaster while preserving the endogenous expression and localisation pattern of the tagged protein
  • Visualisation of fusion proteins by live imaging approaches in intact animals (e.g. SPIM)
  • Analysis of subcellular protein localisation in fixed tissues by immunohistochemistry
  • Development of valuable markers for various tissues, cell types and subcellular compartments
  • Small affinity tag-mediated protein purification (Ty1, V5, FLAG) - two-step purification possible via protease cleavage sites
  • Identification of interacting protein partners via purification of protein complexes and subsequent mass spectrometry
  • Assessment of extent and functional role of translational control of protein expression by comparing spatial expression data of mRNA with protein data

How to order

Complete Set

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We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Single Clones

Individual clones can be easily ordered online via GenomeCUBE.

Acceptable search terms include FlyBase Gene Ids or various other gene/protein related identifiers from public databases (e.g. gene symbols, synonyms, Entrez Gene, UniProt, Ensembl).

The Drosophila TransgeneOme clones can be also retrieved by the construct name which is used in the originator´s webportal (e.g. 5570134411162551_C01).

Order Conditions

The use of the resource is limited to research purposes. The collection is subject to the following MTA:


Technical Data


Drosophila TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG)



Species: Drosophila melanogaster

Strain: Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project Bloomington stock no. 2057




Insert Size

20 – 50 kb


Stop codon status



Cloning sites

Cloning Site 5s: Eco72I

Cloning Site 3s: Eco72I


Species: E.coli

Strain: EPI300

Growth Conditions

Growth Conditions medium: LB

Growth Conditions antibiotic: Cam (15µg/ml)

Multipurpose tag cassette



2xTy1 = flexible linker

sGFP = superfolder GFP

V5 tag = affinity tag

Pre (PreScission) = specific protease cleavage site

TEV = specific protease cleavage site

BLRP = biotin ligase recognition peptide enabling in vitro or in vivo biotinylation

3x FLAG = affinity tag

Protocols / Clone Handling

Download clone list for the whole Drosophila TransgeneOme Resource

Download list of Drosophila genes covered by the TransgeneOme Collection


Sarov M., Barz C., Jambor H., Hein M., Schmied C., Suchold D., Stender B., Janosch S., Vikas V., Krisnan R-T., Aishwarya K., Ferreira I.R.S., Ejsmont R.K., Finkl K., Hasse S., Kaempfer P., Plewka N., Vinis E., Schloissnig S., Knust E., Hartenstein V., Mann M., Ramaswami M., Raghavan K.V., Tomancak P., Schnorrer F. (2015) A genome-wide resource for the analysis of protein localisation in Drosophila preprint available on BioRxiv

* Vector backbone contains the attB sequence for jC31-mediated gene integration and the eye promoter-driven dsRed as selectable marker