cFugu clones

The following clones in the cosmid Fugu library are known to generate false positive signals with many probes. They are either non-recombinant or 'noisy' clones. These clones have been kept in the library as they can be very useful as positive controls in the hybridisation process.

However, any clones requested from this list will not be sent.

5-F4 31-B12 84-A20 116-M4 127-E11 148-J20 170-C1
7-F1 33-H5 86-A6 117-B5 127-O16 152-C20 171-G16
12-E8 37-K17 101-E23 117-H12 133-D21 157-N22 173-P14
18-G16 38-A18 107-H21 117-O12 134-A3 158-G6 177-H9
22-J16 39-I19 107-K8 118-E6 134-A4 160-A5 180-F23
26-H11 63-G5 110-B21 118-N4 136-B18 160-C3 185-P10
27-E7 65-K20 112-B18 119-A2 137-E20 160-P10 191-G3
28-M17 76-F6 112-H24 119-B24 138-F20 164-B4 191-G4
30-L15 82-I5 112-O9 124-E11 139-I18 164-P3 198-B9