Fugu cosmid clones (in E.coli)

Clones are streaked onto LB agar containing kanamycin (25µg/ml).

To use: restreak the clone onto the same agar type, in such a way as to obtain single colonies. Incubate at 37°C overnight.

Single colonies are then ready for DNA isolation, if required, using the accompanying protocol.

Clones can be grown in LB broth + kanamycin, and glycerol added after growth to a concentration of 25% for long term storage at -70°C.

Vector details

Vector: Lawrist 4
Vector size: 8.2kb
Antibiotic resistance: kanamycin
Inserts: Partial Sau3A1 genomic digest cloned into BamHI site.
Excise inserts using: not possible
Average insert size: 35-45kb

Multiple Cloning Site for Lawrist 4 vector

H = HindIII
B = BamHI

For Lawrist 4 vector diagram and sequence, please see here.

Subsequent publication

Please acknowledge the originator of the library, Elgar and Nizetic, and Source BioScience LifeSciences for providing the library in any publication arising out of using this resource. An example of how a clone (E.g. 171-m19) should be described in a publication is: 171m19 from the Elgar Fugu library.