Your partner for zebrafish research

Source BioScience recognises the importance of zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model organism within biological research for studying development and disease, organ function, behaviour and toxicology.

We have compiled a wide range of products and services from within our own reSource™ brand to provide researchers with a comprehensive toolbox for use in a key vertebrate model system in today's research.

Our products and services can be used in protein expression studies, gene expression studies, gene discovery and genome mapping.


Zebrafish ZGC gene collection

An NIH initiative to provide a complete set of full-length (open reading frame) sequences and cDNA clones of expressed genes for zebrafishView >

Zebrafish ESTs

Zebrafish EST library (ZF_mu) - 114,000 searchable ESTsView >

Zebrafish BAC clones

Daniokey Zebrafish BAC clones, Daniokey Pilot Zebrafish BAC clones and CHORI-211 Zebrafish BAC clones.View >