Zebrafish ZGC gene collection

The Zebrafish Gene Collection (ZGC) project is an NIH initiative which was launched in April 2002, as a subproject of the existing Mammalian Gene Collection. The general approach is to acquire or construct high-quality cDNA libraries. The libraries are screened by sequencing the 5' end of the clones. Putative full open reading frames are identified, and finally, selected clones are full-length sequence verified. The goal of the project is to make available a complete set of these full-length cDNA clones in Zebrafish.


The ZGC plan of work is a phased project:

  • Initially, the ZGC will collect 5' sequences from clones in various libraries over a 3-month period.

  • At the end of that time, an external panel of scientists will review the list of all the putative full-length clones eligible for full-length sequencing and prioritize those for sequencing.

  • This process will then be repeated quarterly.

  • In addition, the ZGC will collaborate with other researchers who have significant existing collections of putative full-length clones to sequence those clones.


In summary a Zebrafish Gene Collection (ZGC) clone is identified by:

  • A unique IMAGE identifier [IMAGE ID] (cross-referring to one or more EST files in dbEST)

  • A unique MGC identifier [MGC_ID] (cross-referring to a sequence file in GenBank of the entire clone insert)

Description of rearrayed plates containing sequenced full-length MGC clones:

IRBO Zebrafish Vectors confer ampicillin resistance
IRCX Zebrafish Vectors confer kanamycin resistance
IRCY Zebrafish Vectors confer kanamycin resistance
IRBV Zebrafish Vectors confer chloramphenicol resistance

NB: In each of these subsets all clones on one plate share the same vector ( IRBO, IRBV, IRCX, IRCY). Details of the vectors used can be found here


During a recent sequencing effort, the IMAGE consortium has produced QC statistics for some of the rearrayed libraries (click here)

Clones from this subset can be ordered as individual clones (streaks on agar) and 96-well plates (frozen bacterial stocks in glycerol).

Clones are ordered using the IMAGE ID on the standard I.M.A.G.E. order form (you cannot use the ZGC_ID). If the clone ordered forms part of a ZGC subset in the Source BioScience collection, you will receive the clone streaked out from IRBO, IRCX, IRCY and IRBV plates. Such clones will also have a ZGC_ID which will be given on the email confirmation of your order. If a clone has a ZGC_ID but is not yet part of the subset plates received by Source BioScience the clone will be streaked out from the main I.M.A.G.E. collection.