TaqMan genotyping services

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms are bi-allelic, single base-pair changes between the DNA sequences of an individual. They can exist within a population at any frequency although those with a frequency above 20% are generally most useful in genetic mapping studies. SNPs are found throughout the genome averaging one SNP every 500 to 1000bp.

They can affect translation and transcription. In some circumstances they lead to profound disease whereas elsewhere will have no obvious effect. SNPs have also been used in pharmacogenomic experiments to predict why some individuals respond better to certain therapeutics.


The special virtues of SNPs for genetic analysis are their ease of discovery and assay, and their ease of analysis. Their high density in the human genome and their effects, in some cases, on transcription and translation make SNPs valuable for association studies.

The TaqMan® platform is suitable for projects of 10s of SNPs and 1000s of Samples. For higher throughput projects customers should consider SNPlex


  • TaqMan assay for medium throughput applications.
  • MATRIX PlateMatePlus for high throughput liquid handling.
  • KBiosystems Super Duncan thermal cycler.
  • ABI PRISM 7900HT Sequence Detection Systems permit high throughput data collection.

Why use Source BioScience?

  • Quality: Rapid turnaround and accurate results. All data is sent in strictest confidence to you on CD-ROM, e-mail or web server.
  • Pricing: Our high throughput reduces unit labour and capital costs meaning we can offer exceptional value for money. Furthermore, savings are made by bulk purchase of reagents.
  • Personal Touch: We can also design, validate and genotype user-defined SNPs.
  • Commitment to improvement: We are continuously introducing new technologies to reduce costs, shorten timelines and reduce consumables including amounts of your DNA.


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