Other Sequencing Services

Source BioScience offers a range of other DNA sequencing services & options so whatever your sequencing needs, we can help!


Overnight sequencing services

Deposit your samples in an Overnight Service™ collection box and receive your data by 9am the next dayView >

Bugs2Bases | Other sequencing services

Take the hassle out of prepping 96 plasmids. Send us your cultures and we will deliver your sequence data in less than 48 hoursView >

SpeedREAD | Automated Data Delivery System

SpeedREAD™'s automated data delivery system means that you will receive your sequencing data 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekView >

Overnight Sequencing Services

We can do the PCR clean up for you to take the hassle out of preparing your samplesView >

DNA amplification | Template Amplification

Template amplification to enhance the quality and concentration of plasmid templates previously unsuitable for sequencingView >

Primer Walking Service

Primer walking service to help in identifying unknown regions of a complete plasmid or PCR fragmentView >

Peak Trace DNA sequencing basecaller

PeakTrace™ DNA sequencing basecaller, can provide improved read lengths for DNA sequencing tracesView >