Single Read Sequencing in Tubes

We offer the fastest Sanger sequencing service in Europe. You can send us your samples in individual tubes, making it more convenient for you.

Your samples will be processed using our rapid SpeedREAD™ technology. If deposited in our Overnight Service™ collection boxes, you will get your results back by 9am the next morning.

If your area has an Overnight Shipment™ collection box, results will be delivered within 24 hours.

Multiple samples? Try our plate sequencing

Our sequencing pricing

We offer you great value for money for sequencing. Our high-throughput processes allow us to pass on exceptional savings to you.

Type of service
Prices per read
Single read £7.50 €9.50
Bugs2Bases £9.50 €12.00
PCR purification £2.00 €2.50
Run only (prepared samples) £2.00 €2.50
Template rescue £2.00 €2.50
2° structure resolutions and sequencing £10.50 €13.25
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To assist with year end spending, cost saving and efficient PO number management, use our prepaid sequencing vouchers.
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