Mycoplasma Detection

We are pleased to offer products for the detection of Mycoplasma in your cell culture experiments.

Mycoplasma contamination represents a significant problem to the culture of mammalian cells used for research. It is estimated that up to 35% off cell lines are infected with mycoplasma. Mycoplasmas can cause disastrous effects on eukaryotic cells as they can alter every cellular parameter leading to unreliable experimental results and potentially unsafe biological products.
Mycoplasmas cannot be detected by visual inspection using a normal light microscope and thus, can remain unnoticed in the cell cultures for long periods.

MycoGuard™ Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

Quick detection of mycoplasma contamination

MycoGuard Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit from GeneCopoeia is a quick, simple and sensitive PCR-based mycoplasma detection kit. The kit contains an optimized MycoGuard master mix, ultrapure water and a positive control. The primers in the MycoGuard master mix are highly specific to the conserved rDNA region in  mycoplasma genomes and can detect all well-known mycoplasma genera, including the commonly encountered ones in cell cultures, such as M. arginini, M. arthritidis, M. bovis, M. fermentans, M. genitalium, M. hominis, M. hyorhinis, M. neurolyticum, M. orale, M. pirum, M. pneumoniae, M. pulmonis, M. salivarium, and U. urealyticum. Mycoplasma positive samples can be easily recognized by a distinctive PCR product ranging in size from 150 to 400 bp.

Key advantages


  • The PCR reaction is ready to go
  • No need to pre-treat your cell culture medium


  • Get results in as short as 2 hours


  • Detect mycoplasma from 0.03 µl of cell culture medium


Mycoplasma PCR detection kit
50 reactions

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