PCR Reagents

reSource™ PCR Reagents from Source BioScience include enhanced polymerases and highly-developed reaction buffers,   delivering optimal results for any reaction.

Building on our expertise as a leading Sanger Sequencing and Genomic Services provider, all reSource™ PCR Reagents have undergone comprehensive competitor product comparisons to ensure we can offer a range of PCR reagents superior in yield, specificity, sensitivity and speed.

Enhanced DNA polymerases

The reSource™ DNA polymerases and buffers were developed to deliver increased efficiency by improving  the positive charge at key residues involved in DNA binding.

Through a combination of rational mutagenesis and medium throughput screening it was possible to produce a range of polymerases that demonstrate dramatically increased incorporation efficiency.

Our enhanced DNA polymerases and buffers deliver more PCR product, with less PCR inhibition from template contaminants, thereby resulting in a higher success rate for "difficult" reactions.

Reaction buffers developed for minimal user optimisation

A buffer system optimised with the correct pH, salts, enhancers and stabilisers is critical for efficient PCR.

For the development of each reSource™ PCR Reagent kit, a high-throughput approach was used to screen hundreds of thousands of buffer formulations on a comprehensive set of PCR primers and templates.

The resulting unique combination of reagents in our reaction buffers dramatically increases PCR success rate, yield and efficiency.

The reSource™ PCR Reagents range includes: