Transfection Reagents


DNA Transfection Reagents

jetPRIME®, jetPEI® and jetPEI® - FLuofView >

mRNA Transfection

NEW jetMESSENGER for mRNA transfection in hard to transfect cellsView >

RNAi and Expression Construct Transfection

INTERFERin®, EndoFectin, jetPRIME® and INTERFERin HTSView >

siRNA High-throughput Transfections

A new generation siRNA transfection reagent especially developed for high throughput screening (HTS)View >

Protein Transfection Reagents

PULSin® enables you to study lethal proteins by controlling the level and time course of protein delivery into the cells.View >

In vivo Delivery Reagents

In-vivo-jetPEI® is a polymer based reagent, successfully used to deliver DNA and siRNA for research purposes View >