Cell Specific Transfection

jetPEI® Hepatocyte

  • 50% efficiency in hepatocyte-like cells and primary hepatocytes
  • Gentle to cells
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

jetPEI®-Hepatocyte is a DNA transfection reagent designed to transfect Hepatocyte-like cells. jetPEI®-Hepatocyte is recommended to transfect primary hepatocytes and cell lines such as human hepatocarcinoma HepG2 and murine hepatocytes BNL-CL.2.

jetPEI® Macrophage

  • Efficient transfection in macrophage-derived cells and primary macrophages
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

jetPEI®-Macrophage transfects macrophages and macrophage-like cells that are considered difficult to transfect. It contains a mannose conjugated linear polyethylenimine that binds to cells expressing mannose-specific membrane receptors, such as macrophages.

jetPEI®-Macrophage is also the reagent of choice for the transfection of cell lines such as RAW 264.7.


  • 50% of transfection efficiency in HUVEC
  • As efficient as electroporation
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Good cell viability
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

jetPEI®-HUVEC is a powerful transfection reagent optimised for the transfection of primary human endothelial cells such as HUVEC (Human umbilical vein endothelial cells). Transfection efficiencies up to 50% have been reached with this reagent.

jetPEI®-HUVEC is also recommended for the transfection of vascular endothelial cells of various origins and appears to be well-suited for such fragile primary cells.

EndoFectin™ CHO Transfection Reagent - CHO Cells

  • EndoFectin™ CHO Transfection Reagent optimised for transfection of plasmid DNA into CHO cells