Lentiviral transfection

Lentiviral Products from GeneCopoeia

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 Lentifect™ Purified Lentivirus

 Lentiviral particles are particularly useful for the transfection (transduction) of hard to transfect cells.  The GeneCopoeia Lentifect™ purified lentiviral particles are supplied ready to use and available as ORF cDNA, shRNA, CRISPR sgRNA, miRNA precursors, miRNA inhibitors and promoter reporters. Pre-made and custom lentivirus give a wide choice of flexible options.

 Lentiviral Clones

 GeneCopoeia offers a huge range of lentiviral vector-based expression clones for human and mouse ORF, promoters, shRNAs, precursor microRNAs, microRNA inhibitors, and sgRNAs.  These clones can be used to transfect cell lines or be packaged into lentiviral particles using the Lenti-Pac™ Lentiviral Packaging System.


 Lenti-Pac™ Lentiviral Packaging Systems

 GeneCopoeia’s Lenti-Pac™ lentiviral packaging system incorporates packaging plasmids, cell line and concentration solution to give high titre virus and strong expression of GeneCopoeia lentiviral clones.