Lentiviral transfection

GeneCopoeia’s comprehensive suite of lentiviral solutions includes pre-made and custom-packaged lentiviral particles of high titer and purity; lentiviral ORF, promoter, miRNA, shRNA, and sgRNA clone collections for human and mouse; and robust lentiviral packaging reagents.


Check the GeneCopoiea website at the links below and contact us for a quotation, we distribute for GeneCopoeia in the UK, and the rest of Europe.





Lentifect™ Purified Lentivirus

GeneCopoeia Lentifect™ purified lentiviral particles are high titer and ready-to-use. Particles are available either pre-made for the most popular expression cassettes, such as ORFs, GFP and the CRISPR-Cas9 nuclease, as well as custom-made expressing virtually any gene of interest.


OmicsLink™ Lentiviral Clones

GeneCopoeia offers the largest collection of lentiviral vector-based expression clones for ORF, promoters, shRNAs, precursor microRNAs, microRNA inhibitors, and sgRNAs. Choose from >40,000 human and mouse genes with options for the most widely-used ORF tags, selectable markers, and fluorescent reporters.


Lenti-Pac™ Lentiviral Packaging Systems

GeneCopoeia’s Lenti-Pac™ lentiviral packaging system includes advanced lentivral packaging reagents and cell lines for high-titer, high purity do-it-yourself lentivirus production.