Viral Research Tools

Viral qPCR & PCR Controls

PCR Controls to be used as positive controls in nucleic acid amplification reactions. View >

qPCR Controls

For generating standard curves for PCR assays and as positive controls in nucleic acid amplifications.View >

Quantitated Viral Load Controls

Quantitated viral load controls intended for use in nucleic acid extraction and amplification processes.View >

Concentrated Infectious Agents

Concentrated infectious are essential for research requiring a high infectious titer. View >

Purified Inactivated Agents

Select inactivated agents for research that requires antigens that are no longer infectious.View >

Blood Products

Human Blood derived products offered for use in infectious disease research.View >

Virus Infected/Uninfected Cell Extracts

Infectious disease antigens optimised and characterised to assure high sensitivity and specificity.View >

Viral Proteins

Whole viral antigens that have been immunoaffinity purified from clarified infected cell extractsView >

Viral Test Kits

Research test kits intended for qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of IgG antibody in human serum or plasma. View >

Immunoassay Stabiliser

Immunoassay stabiliser that is a proprietary mixture of non-toxic components that increases the sensitivity of your assays. View >