Immunoassay Stabiliser

ABI’s immunoassay stabiliser from Source BioScience is a proprietary mixture of non-toxic components that increases the sensitivity of your assays.

The immunoassay stabiliser can be used to stabilise proteins immobilized on a solid surface while preserving their native conformational structure and minimizing background signals from non-specific reactions. In addition, it greatly enhances the long-term stability of antigens and antibodies. 

The solution is supplied ready to use and, in most cases, can replace your current blocking solution. Treated plates or membranes may be used either wet for immediate use, or dried and stored at 2°– 8°C for later use.

The stabiliser is sterile filtered (0.2 μm) and supplied without preservatives. Use aseptic technique in dispensing the reagent, or add a preservative compatible with your assay.

In addition to our standard solution, we offer custom immunoassay stabiliser solutions tailored to your needs.


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