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We have an extensive range of over 300,000 primary and secondary antibodies, recombinant and purified proteins, peptides, ELISA kits, detection kits, western blotting controls, reagents and more....

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Look no futher!  contact us with details of the antibody you need an alternative for, and the species and applications you are using, and our experienced technical team will find a validated, guaranteed and reliable alternative for you



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Secondary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies and ConjugatesView >

Recombinant & Purified Proteins

Recombinant and purified proteins including cytokines, chemokines, enzymes and growth factors from a range of speciesView >

ELISA kits

Over 450 ELISA kits for human and mouse proteins, autoimmune, anti-ovalbumin and anti-DNP ELISA kits and much more... View >

Proteomics | Proteomic Tools

Human Domain Antibody library (DAb), Human Single Fold scFv library, protein arrays, protein expression servicesView >


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