Proteintech antibodies

Source BioScience and Proteintech know that you want antibodies that work and a supplier you can trust. Being able to trace every step of an antibody’s production gives you a significant advantage, even before you use it in your work; it helps to know how your antibody has been made and to what extent it has been validated

Proteintech provide this information for you, as they make every single one of their antibodies, giving them complete control over the quality and validation.

Over 90% of Proteintech antibodies are raised against the whole recombinant protein.

This gives their antibodies superior protein recognition capabilities and versatility. They use primary tissues and regular cell lysates to perform all of their validation western blots.

If the antibody doesn’t make the grade, we won’t sell it.

You can be sure that any Proteintech antibody you choose will be successful when they make the transition from our validation to your experiments.

All our antibodies are covered by our simple refund policy.

You can try any antibody in any application and any species; if you’re not satisfied with the results, we give you a 100% money back refund – for 100% peace of mind.

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