Zytomed Systems

Diagnostic Antibodies

Zytomed Systems strives to be and remain your best and most innovative supplier in the fields of immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridisation. Their focus is the development, and production of antibodies and detection systems for immunohistochemical cancer diagnostics as well as reagents and kits for in-situ hybridisation.

A comprehensive product range of reagents, certified for in-vitro diagnostic use (IVD/CE), is available for your routine diagnostics. Zytomed’s portfolio features antibodies, detection systems and accessory reagents optimally harmonised with one another and their immunohistochemistry products are complemented by in-situ hybridisation reagents, which are also IVD/CE certified.

Besides more than 8,000 antibodies Zytomed also offer cutting-edge ISH probes for your research.

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