INTERFERin transfection reagent from Polyplus - free trial sample

Free trial sample of INTERFERin transfection reagent*

Source BioScience offer a comprehensive portfolio of transfection reagents. INTERFERin® from Polyplus is a new generation siRNA transfection reagent which provides more than 90% silencing efficiency at 1 nM siRNA in a wide variety of cells.

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  • Great silencing using as little as 1 nM siRNA
  • Over 90% gene silencing in a wide variety of cells
  • Easy standard protocol
  • Gentle mode of action for more robust data and excellent cell viability
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotic
  • Comprehensive range of transfection reagents available direct from Source BioScience

Over 90% gene silencing

For adherent cell lines or primary cells, 1 nM siRNA is sufficient to obtain more than 90 % gene silencing. For suspension cell lines, 80% silencing can still be reached by INTERFERin® using 5 nM siRNA (Table 1)

INTERFERin table

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